All You Need to Know about Deferred Annuity and Annuity Calculator

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We all know that investment in present is very important in order to get better returns in future so that you can lead a relaxed life without any financial worries. There are many investment options available in the market but annuities are considered to be the best. There are many kinds of annuities and deferred annuity is one of its kinds. In deferred annuities you are required to invest in any of the following- equity indexed annuity, longevity annuity, variable annuity or fixed annuity with a company which offers them. Deferred annuities enable you to defer your earnings until the time when you would like to convert your investment in to a guaranteed flow of income.

Further, deferred annuity provides you great benefits and all these benefits definitely come at a price. The benefits offered by these deferred annuities are a steady flow of income along with death benefits. There are different kinds of these annuities like Fixed Deferred Annuity and Variable Deferred Annuity. Fixed Deferred Annuity works exactly like a certificate of deposit but there is one difference among them that is here you in fixed deferred annuities you cannot claim interest income based on your tax return on a yearly basis as the interest gets deferred until you withdraw anything from the annuity contract. Variable Deferred Annuity works like a mutual fund and includes investments in equity as well as bond.

An annuity calculator is helpful in forecasting the financial condition of the annuity purchaser on the basis of the growth and payout of the savings investment plans brought by him or her. Further, it can also be used to calculate other variables including falling balance of an investment over time and the value of fixed payment from an investment over time in monetary terms.

An annuity calculator is helpful in determining the future value of annuity and on this basis the annuity purchaser can decide which type of annuity will prove to be beneficial for him or her. Now a question that arises is where to find annuity calculators. It is to be noted that these annuity calculators are available online. There are many types of these calculators such as future value annuity calculator, present value annuity calculator and deferred annuity calculator and each of them have their own methods of calculations.

Hence, with the above mentioned information about deferred annuity and annuity calculator you will be able to avail their benefits and lead a relaxed life without any stress.

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All You Need to Know about Deferred Annuity and Annuity Calculator

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All You Need to Know about Deferred Annuity and Annuity Calculator

This article was published on 2012/04/05